Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – Rhett Butler

Watched Gone With the Wind again last night. I read the book for the first time when I was ten years old and have been in love ever since. It’s been one of those evolving love affairs. At first I just felt sorry for Scarlett because Rhett left her. Then I felt sorry for Rhett because Scarlett just couldn’t get it. Last night I was thinking if they could only catch a break. Scarlett really got a bum deal when she and Ashley got “busted” at the lumber mill. It was innocent. Then she fell down the stairs. She still wasn’t over that when they lost Bonnie. Then Melanie died. How was any relationship going to bear all of that. I like to think they got back together eventually but never ever in any reality I know, the way Alexandra Ripley wrote it. Not to speak ill of the dead but come on. So here he is without further ado, Rhett Butler.

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Loved him Then, Love him Now – Les McKeown

Thanks to my friend Joan, I have been crushing all over again on my childhood pop idol, Les McKeown. of the Bay City Rollers.   Being the mother of one son and involved in Boy Scouts.  I often find squealing girls annoying until I realized watching YouTube that the Bay City Rollers make me squeal now.   Besides crushing I’ve got an idea for a story too so that’s doubly good.  Thanks Joan.  So here’s my crush clad in plaid in his youth and not bad looking these days either.

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Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – Alan Jackson

I loved him when he was singing about the Chattahoochee.  I camped on that river.  I knew exactly what he was singing about. 

Loved him when he sang Drive.  My Daddy let me Drive too.  I can relate and Alan told it/sang it perfectly

We all loved Alan ten years ago when he shared our pain and sang Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning.

Loved him when he shared his memories with us in Remember When.  

Loved him then and I love him now.  Alan Jackson is a great storyteller singer and when the songs he sing help tell the story of your own life it’s extra special.  Thanks Alan.

Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – Troy Aikman

Okay so this is a little different than what you’re used to, but Troy is just a good guy.  Never really been a Cowboys fan, but I’ve always loved Troy Aikman.  He’s intelligent and very well spoken and as cute as he can be too boot.  So from his days on the playing field:

To his days now in the broadcasting booth:









So there you have him the one and only Troy Aikman. 


Loved Him Then, Love Him Now, HARRISON FORD

LeAnn, this one is in your honor.   Let me begin by saying how much fun it is to research these posts.   Trying to find pictures for Loved Him Then, Love Him Now, is truly a trip down memory lane.   It took me back to the age of ten when my Dad brought home a Star Wars book and movie poster.  It was different than anything I’d seen before.   It took me to LeAnn’s room after seeing  The Empire Strikes Back, we were talking to a boy on the phone – Can’t remember which one though , and I shared my favorite lines in the movie, Leia to Han: “I love you” Han “I know”.    Still one of my favorites and actually use it in reverse in my work in progress.   Thank you George Lucas and Company.   Then came Indiana Jones ahhhh Indy.  Flash forward to 1984  Temple of Doom with my high school boyfriend Matt.    Working Girl,   The Fugitive,  and Patriot Games  Good memories.   Next significant memory Six Days, Six Nights with Rhode Island Rob from the internet.   Most recently I got to share Indiana Jones with my kid on the big screen in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  Thanks Harrison for sharing my journey with me and taking me back.    So folks here he is from American Graffiti to Patriot Games, the incredible Harrison Ford.










Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – Jon Bon Jovi

Okay I’m still counting down the days until my trip (35 days 9 hours and 56 minutes as I begin this post until I leave work and begin my journey) but I’ve gotten a little off track with other things.   I was really glad to give some really good Daniel news the other day but let’s get back on my normal (or as normal as it gets) path.   Guys who I loved back in day and still make my heart skip a beat today. 

I’ve had lots of actors so lets have another rocker.  It was Bret Micheals who made me start this line of posts so here’s another Jon Bon Jovi.   Loved him back in the 80’s missed a chance to see him back in ’85 because I had a fight with my boyfriend.  How stupid was that I should have gone without him, probably would have had more fun anyway.  So here he is Jon Bon Jovi in 1985

I was telling someone just the other day, that you have to love the 80’s when even the boys had big hair. 

Ohhh what a time it was.   I don’t know about you but I still have to sing along to Living on a Prayer and Wanted Dead or Alive. 




So we flash forward to a new millenium, we’re all grown-up I have a child and a real job, and who shows up on my TV but Jon Bon Jovi as a plumber/painter on Ally McBeal it was 2002 and my son, at age 9, was appalled when I told him I wished we needed a plumber to come live with us. 





Ohhhh Ally you did Give Love a Bad Name.  

So today, Jon is still rocking and still hot.  How can a child of the 80’s not say, “I Loved him then, I love him Now.”

Loved Him Then, Love Him Now……

With a little bit of a twist.  This isn’t someone I was crushing on back in the day.   This week I’m highlighting someone I’ve watched grow up on screen and loved every minute of it.  Shia LaBeouf.

Laughed out loud at him in Even Stevens.  

Then he did Holes and we were even more impressed with Shia the actor

Then he did an awesome job as the son of Indiana Jones:

Then we’ve had Shia all grown up in Transformers and Transformers 2.  You know I had to throw a shirtless picture in on this blog:


So yes, I’ve loved him then and love him now as the awesome and talented actor that he is.    I can’t wait to see what he’s doing 10 years from now. 

Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – John Travolta

From the days of Vinnie Barbarino in Welcome Back Kotter

We love him.   He was so dumb he was cute.  Did any of us have a clue he was out taking dancing lessons so he could promote his career and go on and do bigger and better things?  But the hair, the smile, the cleft chin, Vinnie Barbarino you had us from hello.

The dancing lessons paid off and John made us fall in love all over again in Saturday Night Fever:

Then not only did he dance he sang.  Who wouldn’t have wanted John Travolta, a/k/a Danny Zuko to be their summer love?

We even loved him in drag in Hairspray:

He’s still as handsome and charming today as he was as Vinnie.

Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – John Travolta

Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – Charlie Sheen

Let me start with my disclaimer, I know Charlie has been in and out of trouble and this post is not in any way condoning domestic violence or any of Charlie’s other issues.    It’s about loving him as an actor from back in the 80’s and still today.   The man has demons, but he’s awfully cute and makes me laugh out loud in Two & A Half Men.  So here he is Charlie Sheen:

From the early days when I first became intrigued in Red Dawn:

He was hot as Patrick Swayze’s little brother in this teen classic.  Charlie grew up and went to war again, this time in Vietnam in Platoon.    Doesn’t he look like his dad?

He went on to do some other serious stuff.  Wall Street he lost the uniforms and put on a suit and was hot in a whole new way:

After critical acclaim for Platoon and Wall Street, Charlie found his calling in comedy, Hot Shots,  Scary Movie, he  came to Spin City when Micheal J. Fox left and now has received mulitple nominations for his role as Charlie Harper on Two and A Half Men. 

From the time he broke on the scene in Red Dawn to the episode of Two And A Half Men I watched last night Charlie Sheen has not ceased to entertain me.

Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – Michael J. Fox

I had someone else in mind for today’s post and chose to go with Michael instead.  My other choice was, is and probably will always be a bad boy.  Check back for him next week.  I chose Michael today because it’s his Birthday (and mine) and I did  love him back in the day as Alex P. Keaton, on Family Ties.   Yes he was an uptight ultra conservative at what 16, he was very very lovable and ohhh so cute.    I will never as long as I live hear Billy and The Beaters sing At This Moment and not think of the Family Ties episode where he chased Ellen (his future wife Tracy) to the train station to stop her from leaving to get married.  

So Michael left Family Ties to go on to one of the  best known movie triologies of all times, Back to the Future and how many of us back in the day went out and got a down vest because of that first movie?   He was still very cute and such a

good actor so here he is as  Marty McFly fom Back to the Future. 

We can’t forget other movies like Casualties of War, Teen Wolf,   The American President, and Doc Hollywood he did along the way.  He had grown up from the sweet teen we had fallen in love with to grow into a still loveable, still cute, very talented adult.  

Then I don’t know about the rest of you but I felt like we got introduced to Alex P. Keaton grown-up when Michael started on Spin City.   Smart, funny, ambitious, Mike Flaherty could have totally been Alex grown up and moved to New York City.  

Then the Parkinson’s Disease that Michael had dealt with silently for years took him from our tv screen on a regular basis.  Now he works with his foundation, he’s a political activist and he still comes back to tv to amuse and entertain us on shows like Scrubs, Boston Legal and Rescue me. 

So truly a loved him then, love him now kind of guy, Birthday boy Michael J. Fox.   Happy Birthday Michael and thanks for the memories.

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