Ohhhhhh Daniel

So I’m having this conversation with friends about the trend toward Cowboy books in romance writing.  One writer we know actually writes “Cowboy Kink”.  I wasn’t getting.  I mean I went through my “Urban Cowboy” phase.   I have asked more than one guy “Are you a “REAL” Cowboy”     I wanted to dance to “Can I Have This Dance” at my wedding .   But that phase passed just as it did for the rest of the world I thought.

Then I start writing and I am looking at these sites that sell romance novels and the phase is apparently back.  So this was my state of mind when I go see the Deathly Hollows.  I am watching the previews when who should appear on the screen in full glorious color, Daniel Craig in Cowboys and Aliens.   Let me tell you I do not “Squeee”  I did however squeal in delight, much to my sixteen year old son’s chagrin.  So we have Daniel and Harrison Ford in Western wear.  Ohhhh My.   So Daniel as Cowboy and /or Alien, I get the cowboy craze.  Okay so he is dirty but would you really mind.  It also gives one the opportunity to think of him bathing…..ohhhh my.  

So watch out for Cowboys and Aliens not in the theaters until next July but something to look forward to then.

And just to wrap they day up let’s throw in a shirtless pic.  Found one I haven’t posted yet.  Enjoy.

Random Musings (some spoilers)

First let me thank anyone who purchased a copy of Solo Honeymoon at www.bookstrand.com.  Jillian is right up there on the top of their bestsellers.  What a great release for a great book.  Thanks everyone.

The other thing I am musing about today is movies.  For some reason it has been in my head for the past couple of days that the most disturbing things I have seen in movies really didn’t show a whole lot if anything of the disturbing events.   Disturbing event #1  – In the Patriot when they burn down the church full of people, you see them light the church and the people inside as they realize what is happening and then you see the aftermath.   Just now being able to seperate Jason Isaacs from that event.   The second one you see even less.  It’s in Star Wars episode III when Anakin goes on his turning evil rampage and he kills all the younglings. OMG it’s horrible.   Sometimes, less is definitely indeed more.

Less being more brings me to Harry Potter.  Did we really have to have two movies?  Did we really have to have all that wandering in the book?  PLEASE let’s just get on with it.  There were somethings actually someones I would have liked to have seen more of namely Weasleys.  I love the Weasley boys.  It was good to meet Bill finally.   But give me more Weasleys this could have been one movie.  I would have been happier.  Great animation sequence at one point. 

I have reached 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo and am forging on hopefully to have 60k by the end of the 30th.  So things should be back to normal around here soon.

Thanks for visiting and being patient. 

Okay so here are some pictures I found related to my musings:  Let’s start with Jason Isaacs.  Was going to do a Patriot pic and then I saw this OH MY

I have no idea what movie or show this is but if anyone does and would like to give tme the DVD for Christmas.  Thank you very much.

Who would have ever thought that under all that black and evil this  was Darth Vader.   It’s enough to make me want to turn to the darkside

                                                                     And this shot of Rupert to stay in the shirtless mode is from Cherry Bomb rather than a Potter movie.

And Finally Just for fun part of the Weasley Clan 

Totally Hot, Totally Shirtless – The Under 24 Edition

Okay so I’m talking with some of my younger friends last night about the latest Twilight movie and despite any other thoughts on the movie the general consensus is Taylor Lautner is HOT (visualize the smoke because I can’t do that effect and he is smoking hot).  Last week I saw High School Musical 3 for the first time so Zac was on my mind and of course we are being teased with Trailers for the first half of the last Harry Potter movies.  So there you have it and to add a little more fun to our visit of the younger men, I’m adding Channing Tatum (Dear John) and Liam Hemsworth (Last Song).  FYI no matter how handsome and appealing those last two guys are I will never see the referenced movies because Nicholas Sparks wrote the books/screenplays so I know I will just be left in tears and there are enough tears in real life that I don’t always need them from a movie.  SO without further ado here they are:

 Taylor turned 18 in Februray. 







Zac the oldest of the group will be 23 in October. 

Daniel will be 21 on the 23rd of this month


Finally we have a pair of 20 year olds in Channing and Liam


Movies From Books

What are your thoughts? Best done? Worst done? Most true to the book? Most strayed away? I love the Harry Potter books and movies. I think the adaptations to the big screen have been nearly as well done as they possibly could be. Casting has been fabulous. Casting brings me to the adaptation I have not been able to bring myself to watch. I read all the Twilight books in about 2 weeks. I had a picture of him in my head that is far far away from Robert Pattinson. I like the Edward in my head and don’t want to spoil it. Gone With the Wind. Even in four hours you couldn’t include the whole book, I think they did a good job even though they did cut out Scarlett’s other kids. Hunt For Red October big thumbs up. Patriot Games Okay. Clear and Present Danger, I don’t think so. Those are the biggies that come to mind at the moment. I have to include Bond here. I must admit, I haven’t read the books. Which Bond movie and/or actor do you think portrays Ian Fleming’s Bond the best?

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