Counting Down

So for those of you who have visited this blog for any length of time you know besides James Bond and hot shirtless men I LOVE Nascar.  I go to one race a year at Atlanta Motor Speedway.   I look forward to the next trip from the time I leave the track.  It’s like an annual pilgramage.  So just like a kid counting down until Christmas or the last day of school, I count down to racing.  I leave for the track in 142 days.  So Friday should be a golf tournament, Saturday Nationwide Racing under the lights then Sunday ahhhh Sunday.  Stuff around the Track, Track Walk, Pre-Race concert by LYNYRD SKYNYRD then Sprint Cup Racing under the lights at AMS.  WOW what a day.  So here’s a picture of me and my favorite driver, Reed Sorenson at the 2009 Atlanta Motor Speedway race where he drove the  Air Force #43 good times

Just How Long…

Are we going to have to wait to see Daniel Craig on the big screen again?   Dream House and Adventures of TinTin are both listed in post-production on IMDB but no release dates until 2011.  Bond 23 and Cowboys and Aliens are both listed in pre-production.   We’ve had nothing new since Defiance, which was fabulous but come on, we need more Daniel.

So while I long to see Daniel on the big screen, I’ll revist Casino Royale perhaps.

Of course it’s racing season so there will be opportunities to see Reed on the track.   Of course I am counting down the days until Labor Day Racing under the lights in Atlanta.  WOOHOO,

So I’ll enjoy my racing while waiting for Daniel to come back to the big screen.

The Move, Writing & Racing

Okay my stuff (for the msot part) is in the new house. I hate the thought of unpacking, but taking this space and making it my own will be a good thing.

I think I am going to be able to carve out a good spot to write. I want some place comfortable with few distractions. I haven’t written a thing since New Year’s weekend. I need to edit my Nano project and work on finisihing my Nascar romance. I’ve got a Young adult tale that has been in my head since the end of January and the beginning of an inspirational.

Was looking forward to watching Nascar this afternoon but alas the race has been delayed. Easter of course is an off week and then Saturday night racing under the lights in Phoenix. Got to love night racing. Ready to see Reed behind the wheel this year. I think if he could get some more time on the track he could end up with a ride again.

Jimmie Johnson

Okay we’re three races into the season and Jimmie has won 2 out of 3. It’s just crazy. What do you do though? He and Chad Knaus along with Hendrick Motorsports have got winning down to a science. I think Chad is the most brilliant man in motorsports and cute to boot. So four Championships in a row already and starting the fifth season off like he has it’s amazing. How do other people compete? Can they compete? How long can it go on? At least they are good guys. Jimmie Johnson, all I can say is WOW.

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