Ohhhhhh Daniel

So I’m having this conversation with friends about the trend toward Cowboy books in romance writing.  One writer we know actually writes “Cowboy Kink”.  I wasn’t getting.  I mean I went through my “Urban Cowboy” phase.   I have asked more than one guy “Are you a “REAL” Cowboy”     I wanted to dance to “Can I Have This Dance” at my wedding .   But that phase passed just as it did for the rest of the world I thought.

Then I start writing and I am looking at these sites that sell romance novels and the phase is apparently back.  So this was my state of mind when I go see the Deathly Hollows.  I am watching the previews when who should appear on the screen in full glorious color, Daniel Craig in Cowboys and Aliens.   Let me tell you I do not “Squeee”  I did however squeal in delight, much to my sixteen year old son’s chagrin.  So we have Daniel and Harrison Ford in Western wear.  Ohhhh My.   So Daniel as Cowboy and /or Alien, I get the cowboy craze.  Okay so he is dirty but would you really mind.  It also gives one the opportunity to think of him bathing…..ohhhh my.  

So watch out for Cowboys and Aliens not in the theaters until next July but something to look forward to then.

And just to wrap they day up let’s throw in a shirtless pic.  Found one I haven’t posted yet.  Enjoy.

Good News….

Daniel Craig is slated to be in another movie to be released in December of next year.   The Girl With the Dragon is scheduled to open December 21, 2011,  The Adventures of TinTin is scheduled for December 23, 2011, so I’m seeing a very merry Christmas for Daniel fans.   Cowboys & Aliens is on tap for July and Dream House sometime next year.     2011 is going to be a really good year. 

Daniel Craig buys Penthouse in NYC

Okay so there just isn’t much to blog about Daniel.   He and Satsuki bought a penthouse on Warren Street in New York City.    Does it mean he’s going to do more Broadway?   Will they make it home?  I feel certain it means he’ll be spending more time in New York and that can’t be a bad thing.  I just want him back on the big screen.  Until then, I’ll keep watching what we have already.  Forced myself to watch Lara Croft last night to see him.  There were definitely some “Oh my” scenes.  

So until Cowboys and Aliens comes out I guess we’ll just have to do with Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Daniel’s older stuff.  I may even suffer through the Golden Compass again.

Waiting for Daniel Craig

Dream House is in post-production, but I don’t believe the planned release date is until December 2011.  Cowboys and Aliens is set for July of next year.   Again, I must say it’s been since 2008 with Defiance and Quantum of Solace since we’ve seen Daniel on the big screen.  It’s entirely too long but alas what are we to do.   I’m still terribly distressed by the fact that we will probably never see Daniel back as Bond.   I guess we’ll just have to wait until next summer to see Daniel as a cowboy.  I certainly hope it’s worth the wait.  If only we could see this on the big screen again.

Bad News for Bond

Filming of Bond 23  has been postponed, indefinitely.  I’ve already bemoaned the fact that we won’t be seeing Daniel on the big screen until next year and now no Bond indefinitely.   Surely MGM will come up with the money to make it happen.   I love to see Daniel in other roles too but I was so looking forward to seeing where they would take him in Bond 23.    Maybe something will come through and in the meantime I’ll wait for Cowboys &  Aliens.

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