Totally Hot, Totally Shirtless, The SIZZLING Edition

My friends at Southern Sizzle Romance ( are celebrating their first anniversary in the Month of August and romance author, Jillian Chantal has been gracious enough to do an interview with me here on my blog.  So in honor of my Sizzling friends, I thought I’d share with you some of the Totally Hot, Totally Shirtless Men I’ve found on their blog (a big thanks to SFCatty and her great Bad-urday posts where I found all of these):

First there is Clive Owen:

A Bad Boy from the A-Team Brian Bloom

One final hunky shirtless Bad Boy, Guy Pearce:

Bradley Cooper Movies

What’s your favorite?  Let me know.

Totally Hot, Totally Shirtless – BRADLEY COOPER

Okay folks, I am crushing on Bradley Cooper.  Watched  The Hangover and He’s Just Not That In to You this weekend and I just have to say “OH MY”  Bradley Cooper is hot.   Going to have to find Alias on DVD to check him out in that and plan to watch the A-Team some time very soon.   So here for your viewing pleasure (and mine) Bradley Cooper, Totally Hot and Totally Shirtless. 

Think this may be my new favorite Hunk in Trunks pic.

Thinking surfing could be fun to see sights such as this.

Have to say I loved Dirk Benedict when I was 17 and the A-Team came on originally, but I think Bradley is perfect casting for the 21st Century version of the A-Team.

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