HI, Friends, Fans and Family, it was a great weekend in Atlanta.  Sorry I haven’t checked in before now. 

The weather was FABULOUS.  The race was good even if Reed didn’t win either of them and did crash Saturday night

Got some rubber from the track Sunday morning right where this crash happened.  I am convinced it is from Reed’s car.    Also got a piece of metal.  No clue which car it came off of, but it is NASCAR metal and I like it.   When it becomes a piece of jewelry I’ll share a picture. 

The people from Speedway Children’s Charities were AWESOME.  If you happen to be in Atlanta find out what you can do to help these people out.  They are doing some great work for some great kids.

Got to meet some family for the first time which was great too.   I got to eat at the Varsity, you just can’t beat a frosted orange and those onion rings.    It was close to midnight every night when I got home and I was up and at it again between 6 and 7 every morning.  Came back Monday and back to work Tuesday morning.  Soooo, yes I am recovering.  Of course I still have the glow of the fabulous weekend so life is good.

The Day Has Come

I’ve been waiting since I left the track last year to go back and the day has finally arrived.  I leave today after work to head to Atlanta.   Leaving my son here at home.   Everyone asks why are you going alone.  I’m not going to be alone.   Last year there were 111,000 plus in attendance.  I do have several people I know who will be there and always make new friends.   So in just under 11 hours now I will be on my way for my annual trip to Atlanta Motor Speedway.  A great day to celebrate my 100th blog post.  Will try and blog while I’m gone but no promises.   So here are some racing pictures to celebrat the day. 

My picture with Reed at the 2008 March race. 


Me with Juan Pablo Montoya at the Reed Sorenson Charity Golf tournament last year

Joey Logano at Trac k Walk at Atlanta Motor Speedway 2009

Thanks for supporting my blog through my 100 often rambling, sometimes senseless, hopefully entertaining posts.    Stay tuned for more fun in the next 100 posts. 


It’s only twenty, count them twenty days until I’m on my way to Atlanta for a weekend of Nascar.  So how could we do day 20 without the two most recent drivers of the #20, Tony Stewart and Joey Logano.   Haven’t had the chance to get anywhere near Tony at the track so I had to find a picture of him, but the picture of Joey Logano is from Track Walk for Speedway Children’s Charities at Atlanta Motor Speedway last year.  Looking forward to seeing Joey there again in just a few weeks.  So here you have it.  20/20 the past and the present drivers of the #20 Tony Stewart and Joey Logano.

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