Writing, Editing, Struggling

Okay So I have my work in progress from last NaNoWriMo (November) and I finished it after the first of the year.   My problem, my struggle is that I have been editing it ever since.  In the mean time I have written a couple of short stories.  But I am stuck.  Until I finish this I can’t move on to the next thing.  NaNoWriMo is coming soon and I have two great ideas that are percolating in my head.  What do I do?  I need some motivation to get me through these last 60 or so of pages that I have to edit.   I need to submit this story and move on with my life.  So I’m going to post this blog post and pick up my editing notes and get through with this. 

Keep in mind I need motivation.  Comment let me know what you do to get through the parts of writing that seem like chores.    I hate having these new stories in my head and not being able to do anything with them.  HELP. 

Writer’s Block

Well it’s actually not a block, it’s just that I can’t seem to pick up the darn laptop and edit my Nano Project which is done or finish my other WIP. What is wrong with me. I love both of the stories. I want to send them out in to the world but I just can’t make myself do what needs to be done. I’ve got space in my room to write. The laptop is plugged in I just can’t get my butt in the chair. I’ve got to get back into that writing every day mode. I was writing at night and in the morning and on my lunch break a lot of days now NOTHING. I’ve got to get past this.

On a brighter note Reed finished 2nd at Nashville this weekend. He’s doing great this season when he gets to drive. Things should be looking up. I know those weekends he isn’t driving have to be hard but this too shall pass. GO REED GO. So in honor of Reed’s great finish here’s a different kind of picture. Reed a little more dressed up and with Laura.


It’s going to be a busy weekend but it should be fun too. Hockey game tonight. Work tomorrow Church and fun and fellowship on Sunday. I’m thinking it’s time to get back to my writing. Since I finished “Look What the Cat Dragged In” (keep an eye out at http://www.whortleberrypress.com for news on that), I haven’t written anything. I need to edit my completed novel and finish the work in progress. The Nascar season has started back up so I should be able to get that groove going and finish the Nascar romance. My completed novel, a romantic suspense, needs a lot of editing. Get rid of a lot of fluff and add some much needed details. I’ve got to get done with those two because I have two other ideas in my head and I have to finish something before I can start something new. If I don’t make it back here have a great weekend everyone.


It’s really cold here in the Florida Panhandle today so I am spending the day editing my NaNoWrimo project. What a chore editing is. I never dreamed writing was so difficult. This story is about a nurse falling for her amnesiac patient and leaving town with him to hide from the men trying to kill him. Of course they fall in love. The hero in this story has Tom Selleck, the Magnum version as my inspiration. I’ve got to finish this one and get back to my Nascar story. The very sweet hero of that story isn’t based on anyone in particular but Reed Sorenson is always lurking around in my mind when I write that character. The reason I am focusing on finishing is because I keep having thoughts about a Daniel Craig-esque character. Those of you who write understand those thoughts get in your head and they must come out. So for your veiwing pleasure, here are the men who inspire me.

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