Writer’s Block

Well it’s actually not a block, it’s just that I can’t seem to pick up the darn laptop and edit my Nano Project which is done or finish my other WIP. What is wrong with me. I love both of the stories. I want to send them out in to the world but I just can’t make myself do what needs to be done. I’ve got space in my room to write. The laptop is plugged in I just can’t get my butt in the chair. I’ve got to get back into that writing every day mode. I was writing at night and in the morning and on my lunch break a lot of days now NOTHING. I’ve got to get past this.

On a brighter note Reed finished 2nd at Nashville this weekend. He’s doing great this season when he gets to drive. Things should be looking up. I know those weekends he isn’t driving have to be hard but this too shall pass. GO REED GO. So in honor of Reed’s great finish here’s a different kind of picture. Reed a little more dressed up and with Laura.

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