Loved Him Then, Loved Him Now, Les McKeown – Revisited

So three years ago, I blogged about Les.  I loved the Bay City Rollers when I was a kid.  I still can’t spell Saturday without singing it.  Those songs will come on and it just takes me back.  So when I ended up in that place three years ago I got an idea for a story.  Dog Day Afternoons.  The main character was inspired by Les.  It got published in an anthology that eventually got pulled from publication when that publisher merged with another.  So earlier this week guess who retweeted one of my Bay City Roller Tweets.  Les himself. It was exactly what I needed to be reinspired and remember once again why I love the Bay City Rollers and Les McKeown and always will.

Les 1

Guess I’m Just a….

LOUSY blogger. I enjoy rambling on here now and then and it tickles me to no end that people take the time to look at it but…. Finding the time to sit down and do it is the problem. I guess I’ll just have to dedicate some time now and then to blog a bit. I’ve put a little bit of a hold on my writing. Two new ideas in the works one a young adult romance and one inspirational. Just finished a short story that I’m preparing to submit. Waiting to hear back on a contest entry. Both stories were something different for me so they were fun to write. I’m reading Dan Brown’s Lost Symbols right now. And some romances before that. Reading has been good and reading with “writer’s eyes” has been different.

On another note, it’s a shame we are going to have to wait until next year for Bond 23. Would have loved to have seen Daniel on Broadway. I heard he was brilliant. Of course those of you who know me know he would just have to be there and I would think he was brilliant. Okay to close us out for today you know I am always looking for great pics of Daniel. Today this is what I found. A Daniel Popsicle. HMMMMMMMMM


Okay I need a little help here. As you know Daniel Craig inspires me.   Okay it’s not inspiration he makes my heart go pitter patter.  But I have been thinking more about him as an inspiration for a character in a romance novel.  So that being said, here is my question:  Can you imagine Daniel as anything other than an Alpha Male?   Or maybe evolving from Arrogant, Bond-esque Alpha Male to the sensistive thoughtful hero that lives happily ever after with the heroine?  I’m having a hard time with it.  Let me know your thoughts.


November is National Novel Writing Month.  50,000 words in 30 days.  Pretty crazy huh?  I’m having fun with it though.  My hero is an Alpha male with amnesia.   My heroine is a nurse who is trying to help him and is becoming entangled in his intrigue.   My last hero was a Beta.  Having a lot of fun writing the Alpha.    This is how I picture my Alpha Hero, Trace:

    He’s as good-looking today as he was then too.    So here is my inspiration for the NaNo WIP.

For all of you out there NaNoing with me.  Good Luck and Good Writing.

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