Guess I’m Just a….

LOUSY blogger. I enjoy rambling on here now and then and it tickles me to no end that people take the time to look at it but…. Finding the time to sit down and do it is the problem. I guess I’ll just have to dedicate some time now and then to blog a bit. I’ve put a little bit of a hold on my writing. Two new ideas in the works one a young adult romance and one inspirational. Just finished a short story that I’m preparing to submit. Waiting to hear back on a contest entry. Both stories were something different for me so they were fun to write. I’m reading Dan Brown’s Lost Symbols right now. And some romances before that. Reading has been good and reading with “writer’s eyes” has been different.

On another note, it’s a shame we are going to have to wait until next year for Bond 23. Would have loved to have seen Daniel on Broadway. I heard he was brilliant. Of course those of you who know me know he would just have to be there and I would think he was brilliant. Okay to close us out for today you know I am always looking for great pics of Daniel. Today this is what I found. A Daniel Popsicle. HMMMMMMMMM

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  1. I LOVE Casino Royale. Best Bond movie ever. However, I just couldn’t enjoy Solace. It was too bloated and self-important to me.

    • I didn’t enjoy Solace nearly as much. But ahhhhhh Casino Royale, I think Daniel was the ideal Bond. It wasn’t too techie, it was just awesome. I am anxious to see what Bond 23 brings us.

      • Don’t hate me, new-found-friend, but I would argue that while Casino is the best Bond movie ever, Craig isn’t the BEST Bond ever. I grew up with Pierce, and he really was the perfect actor for the Bond mold. Most purists believe Sean was the beast, due to being the first and setting the bar – however, I think Pierce really did it the best justice. HOWEVER, for Casino, Craig was great because it told the story of a rough around the edges rookie – which he did perfectly. However, you could NOT put him into any past Bond movies easily. He’s great at raw Bond, but not as the seasoned Bond of the past. Ok, I’ll step down from my soapbox now.

  2. No I totally understand. No hating here. I always thought Pierce was too pretty. I grew up watching Sean Connery as Bond on TBS so that’s where my bar was set. Maybe Daniel is not the sophisticated Bond that Ian Fleming wrote, but I just can’t imagine anyone else as Bond in the latest Casino Royale. I think Daniel pulled off the sophistication pretty well when he had to and maybe he will grow into the more seasoned Bond rather than than the rough raw edges Bond he is now. All that being said….. It’s made me think of the two Willie Wonkas. Gene Wilder was the Wonka of my childhood and I love him but I’ve heard that the Johnny Depp Wonka is more true to the character in the book. I enjoyed them each and tried not to compare too much (Harder to do with a franchise like Bond though). What do you think?????

    • I completely agree I couldn’t see the other Bonds do Casino like Craig did.

      On to Willy Wonka. You have heard somewhat correctly. It’s not that Depp’s Wonka was more true to the book; it was actually the whole MOVIE was very close to the original source. Dahl, the author, actually HATED the Gene Wilder version. He thought it missed the complete point of his book and was made too kiddie catered – even starting with the title. The book – and Burton’s movie – was “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory”. Gene’s was “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”. Burton’s movie stayed VERY true to the book.

      One thing that floored me was the response from the critics. I thought FOR SURE that they would praise Burton’s movie for being loyal to the book. So often critics rip apart a movie for not doing justice to the book. Instead, they RIPPED apart the movie for being close to the book and NOT the original movie(?)! WTF?!?! That’s madness to me. Reading Ebert’s review, I wanted to scream at my computer that the “original” is the BOOK, and NOT the movie.


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