Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – Sean Connery

Okay so this is way way overdue but here he is.  He’s almost 80 years old and is still as my friend SFCatty says “A Beautiful Man” .   He was smoking hot as James Bond in the 60’s

Twenty years later in Highlander we were still loving him and picking him over Christopher Lambert

Right into the 21st Century and he was still hot in League of E xtraordinarie Gentlemen

Spanning 5 decades he is the ultimate Loved Him then and Love Him Now man.  Sir Sean Connery.

Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – Mark Harmon

In 1986 he was the Sexiest Man Alive   and he graced the pages of Playgirl.  Could someone tell me how I missed that particular issue?   I loved him in St. Elsewhere. 

Do you think he went all the way? Hmmmm.   Pam Dawber is a lucky lady. 

Now here we are in the 2st Century and Mark Harmon is still thrilling us as Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS. 

Ladies tell me the gun does add to the appeal. 

I must give credit where credit is due.  SFCatty over at Southern Sizzle Romance here on WordPress had a great post a little while back featuring Mark Harmon in her weekly Bad-urday post.  Check it out  The ladies at Southern Sizzle have a great thing going.  Lots of great looking guys good information and never a dull moment. 

So one last pic of Mark  Sexiest Man Alive 1986 awfully darn sexy 2010. 

Favorite Bond?

As anyone who has read this blog with any regularity knows Daniel Craig is my favorite James Bond.  How bout the rest of you?  Which Bond is your favorite?

Take the poll below and let the world know. Thanks to SFCatty who asked this question on the Southern Sizzle Blog.

Who Is Your Favorite James Bond

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