Aspiring Writers

Although I’ve had three short stories published (two paper publications and one in an awesome e-zine) I still consider myself to be an aspiring writer.    Despite the fact that I consider myself to be an aspiring writer the fact that someone found my writing worthy of publication was priceless.   As my very successful author friend Sarah Smiley told me the biggest reward writers receive is the validation of having others appreciate and read your work.    Some people have asked how I’ve gotten to this point.   I really don’t know what to say except, write, write, write and the hard part you have to put your work out there.   So if you’re looking for a home for some shorter writing check out the two sites that have published my writing.  They are both seeking submissions and are just awesome people to work with as an aspiring writer.   Whortleberry Press is working on their annual Halloween Anthology and the New Bedlam Project is seeking submissions for the next issue of their e-zine.    Even if you aren’t interested in submitting to either of them, I think you’ll find them  interesting.   Good luck and happy writing.


Check out to see my lastest short story, The Queen of New Bedlam” which was the 4th place winner in the E-Zine’s Spring Thaw Contest.

Also out and available now is the anthology that holds my short story “Look What the Cat Dragged In” Check out Strange Mysteries 2 at

So one e-published and one on paper. It’s a great day.


I’m in the middle of moving from my apartment into a house. We’ll have more room, a huge yard, and the rent is lower. Who could ask for more? I’m just ready to have everything moved, to be settled in and have a nice little nook to write again.

Speaking of writing, April 1st, my short story “Look What the Cat Dragged In” should be available in the Strange Mysteries II anthology from Whortleberry Press. Also you may want to check back on the first for some other exciting news.

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