It’s really cold here in the Florida Panhandle today so I am spending the day editing my NaNoWrimo project. What a chore editing is. I never dreamed writing was so difficult. This story is about a nurse falling for her amnesiac patient and leaving town with him to hide from the men trying to kill him. Of course they fall in love. The hero in this story has Tom Selleck, the Magnum version as my inspiration. I’ve got to finish this one and get back to my Nascar story. The very sweet hero of that story isn’t based on anyone in particular but Reed Sorenson is always lurking around in my mind when I write that character. The reason I am focusing on finishing is because I keep having thoughts about a Daniel Craig-esque character. Those of you who write understand those thoughts get in your head and they must come out. So for your veiwing pleasure, here are the men who inspire me.

Character Attraction

I found it interesting when I noted that I apparently am attracted to Characters in books and on screen (TV and movies) that are law enforcement/detective types.  I look at my bookshelf and I find the Alex Cross series by James Patterson and the Lucas Davenport Prey series by John Sandford.   I got a DVD set of the first season of NCIS for Christmas and have already watched all 23 episodes.  I love Law & Order in every incarnation Chris Noth and Christopher Meloni are two of my all-time favorites.    And of course therer is Bond and Daniel Craig in Defiance.    Tom Selleck as Magnum PI back in the day.  These guys are all rescuers.  I don’t know why I am drawn to them when I have never felt like a damsel in distress in need of rescuing.   So do any you have a type of character you are drawn to in book or on screen?  Does it carry over to the men you are attracted to in real life?


November is National Novel Writing Month.  50,000 words in 30 days.  Pretty crazy huh?  I’m having fun with it though.  My hero is an Alpha male with amnesia.   My heroine is a nurse who is trying to help him and is becoming entangled in his intrigue.   My last hero was a Beta.  Having a lot of fun writing the Alpha.    This is how I picture my Alpha Hero, Trace:

    He’s as good-looking today as he was then too.    So here is my inspiration for the NaNo WIP.

For all of you out there NaNoing with me.  Good Luck and Good Writing.

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