Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – James Bond

I was about to do this post on someone completely different, a pop star that I adored as a child and he’s still awfully darn good looking now when what should come on my tv but Casino Royale.   I haven’t adored Daniel long enough for him to fit this category and I”ve already used Sir Sean so I’m going with a fictional character today.   I did love James Bond from the time I was old enough to watch Bond movies on TBS.   As a side note, one of the great benefits of growing up in Atlanta in the 70’s was TBS.  It had other call letters then but I can’t remember them I do remember that it was Channel 17 and the best shows came on there.  Beverly Hillbillies, Gilligan’s Island, the Brady Bunch, Hogan’s Hero’s, Wrestling and James Bond movies.  I was too young to go see Bond at the theater but through TBS I got to know and love James Bond.  Sean Connery and then Roger Moore captured my imagination and my heart.  I saw Living Daylights but Timothy Dalton was not the Bond for me.   I have to say I never watched anything but snippets of Pierce Brosnan’s Bonds.  He was Remington Steele.  He could not be James Bond in my mind.  He was too pretty, too polished to be Bond for me.  But nonetheless the thought of Bond, James Bond with his martini shaken not stirred thank you very much lingered then along came Daniel.  Ahhh Daniel.  I was not familiar with him as an actor prior to his being casted as my childhood hero.   But I planned to go the movie opening night.  In fact my son and his friends made a party of it.   In my opinion Daniel nailed the role.  He was ruggedly handsome, drop dead sexy, tender when needed and even made me laugh a bit.  I believe that Sir Ian Fleming would have been pleased.   So here are the Bonds (including George Lazenby).









Daniel Back as Bond

It’s official Daniel will be back as James Bond in November 2012 (Too far away but it’s something to hope for) SO in anticipation of more Smoking hot Daniel as James Bond.  Enjoy some yummy pics.



How many days must we wait????

Have We Seen the End….

of the Daniel Craig era in the James Bond series?  I certainly hope not.    Those of us who follow Daniel and the Bond series know that financial woes at MGM have delayed Bond 23, but it’s looking more and more like the delay is going to keep our Daniel from bringing Bond back to the screen.     I don’t want to start the guessing of who will be next I want to hold on to what hope may be left that we’ll get to hear Daniel order his martini shaken not stirred one more time or catch him in a tux

And out of the tux of course

For more info check out the article at

And a big shout out and thanks to my friend SFCAtty at for sharing the info with me.

Totally Hot, Totally Shirtless – DANIEL CRAIG

Okay it’s a shirtless Saturday here at Live, Love, Laugh & Blog and today I bring you one of my all-time favorites, Daniel Craig.  Believe it or not it was hard to find a variety of pictures of Daniel shirtless we have the well known often scene shot of Daniel emerging from the water in those blue swim trunks

Then there’s the picture of Daniel in the black swim trunks

One of my favorite shirtless shots of Daniel is from Casino Royale when he is tied to the chair.  OH MY

I had to make myself look through a whole lot of other pictures to find some different pictures of Daniel Shirtless so to wrap up our Shirtless Saturday two more pics of Daniel.  One from Tomb Raider and I’ m not exactly sure where the other came from, but does it really matter????


Daniel Craig buys Penthouse in NYC

Okay so there just isn’t much to blog about Daniel.   He and Satsuki bought a penthouse on Warren Street in New York City.    Does it mean he’s going to do more Broadway?   Will they make it home?  I feel certain it means he’ll be spending more time in New York and that can’t be a bad thing.  I just want him back on the big screen.  Until then, I’ll keep watching what we have already.  Forced myself to watch Lara Croft last night to see him.  There were definitely some “Oh my” scenes.  

So until Cowboys and Aliens comes out I guess we’ll just have to do with Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Daniel’s older stuff.  I may even suffer through the Golden Compass again.

Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – Sean Connery

Okay so this is way way overdue but here he is.  He’s almost 80 years old and is still as my friend SFCatty says “A Beautiful Man” .   He was smoking hot as James Bond in the 60’s

Twenty years later in Highlander we were still loving him and picking him over Christopher Lambert

Right into the 21st Century and he was still hot in League of E xtraordinarie Gentlemen

Spanning 5 decades he is the ultimate Loved Him then and Love Him Now man.  Sir Sean Connery.

Waiting for Daniel Craig

Dream House is in post-production, but I don’t believe the planned release date is until December 2011.  Cowboys and Aliens is set for July of next year.   Again, I must say it’s been since 2008 with Defiance and Quantum of Solace since we’ve seen Daniel on the big screen.  It’s entirely too long but alas what are we to do.   I’m still terribly distressed by the fact that we will probably never see Daniel back as Bond.   I guess we’ll just have to wait until next summer to see Daniel as a cowboy.  I certainly hope it’s worth the wait.  If only we could see this on the big screen again.

Bad News for Bond

Filming of Bond 23  has been postponed, indefinitely.  I’ve already bemoaned the fact that we won’t be seeing Daniel on the big screen until next year and now no Bond indefinitely.   Surely MGM will come up with the money to make it happen.   I love to see Daniel in other roles too but I was so looking forward to seeing where they would take him in Bond 23.    Maybe something will come through and in the meantime I’ll wait for Cowboys &  Aliens.

Just How Long…

Are we going to have to wait to see Daniel Craig on the big screen again?   Dream House and Adventures of TinTin are both listed in post-production on IMDB but no release dates until 2011.  Bond 23 and Cowboys and Aliens are both listed in pre-production.   We’ve had nothing new since Defiance, which was fabulous but come on, we need more Daniel.

So while I long to see Daniel on the big screen, I’ll revist Casino Royale perhaps.

Of course it’s racing season so there will be opportunities to see Reed on the track.   Of course I am counting down the days until Labor Day Racing under the lights in Atlanta.  WOOHOO,

So I’ll enjoy my racing while waiting for Daniel to come back to the big screen.

Movies From Books

What are your thoughts? Best done? Worst done? Most true to the book? Most strayed away? I love the Harry Potter books and movies. I think the adaptations to the big screen have been nearly as well done as they possibly could be. Casting has been fabulous. Casting brings me to the adaptation I have not been able to bring myself to watch. I read all the Twilight books in about 2 weeks. I had a picture of him in my head that is far far away from Robert Pattinson. I like the Edward in my head and don’t want to spoil it. Gone With the Wind. Even in four hours you couldn’t include the whole book, I think they did a good job even though they did cut out Scarlett’s other kids. Hunt For Red October big thumbs up. Patriot Games Okay. Clear and Present Danger, I don’t think so. Those are the biggies that come to mind at the moment. I have to include Bond here. I must admit, I haven’t read the books. Which Bond movie and/or actor do you think portrays Ian Fleming’s Bond the best?

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