Loved Him Then, Love Him Now- Travis Tritt

I loved him in 1990 when he was singing Country Club at the Buckboard in Smyrna.  When I got his autograph at the K-Mart in Mableton and he sang our fellow Georgian, T. Graham Brown’s song Darlene to me.  I’ve loved Travis for a long long time.  Saw him on  New Year’s Eve here in Pensacola in 1992 into 1993.  Saw him again in Pensacola in 2002.  He’s playing at Wind Creek Casino next month and I want to see him just as much now as I did that first time 21 years ago.  So here’s a little bit of Travis then and Travis now.  Loved him then love him now.

The Day Has Come

I’ve been waiting since I left the track last year to go back and the day has finally arrived.  I leave today after work to head to Atlanta.   Leaving my son here at home.   Everyone asks why are you going alone.  I’m not going to be alone.   Last year there were 111,000 plus in attendance.  I do have several people I know who will be there and always make new friends.   So in just under 11 hours now I will be on my way for my annual trip to Atlanta Motor Speedway.  A great day to celebrate my 100th blog post.  Will try and blog while I’m gone but no promises.   So here are some racing pictures to celebrat the day. 

My picture with Reed at the 2008 March race. 


Me with Juan Pablo Montoya at the Reed Sorenson Charity Golf tournament last year

Joey Logano at Trac k Walk at Atlanta Motor Speedway 2009

Thanks for supporting my blog through my 100 often rambling, sometimes senseless, hopefully entertaining posts.    Stay tuned for more fun in the next 100 posts. 


Yes it is Jeff Gordon’s number but it is also the number of days until I leave for Racing under the lights at Atlanta Motor Speedway.  It’s going to be awesome, Reed Sorenson Charity Golf Tournament Friday, Qualifying and Nationwide Race Saturday and then Sunday ooooohhhhh Sunday, Track Walk, PIT PASSES then Sprint Cup Racing under the lights in THE ATL.  Life doesn’t get much better.   So here’s the #24 car and its driver with his beautiful baby girl.

41 Days….. A Quickie

Okay if you’ve looked at this blog in the last two weeks you KNOW I’m going to the race in Atlanta Labor Day Weekend and now I have 41 days until I leave so I’m sharing my favorite for day 41.  Reed Sorenson when he drove the #41. 

Doesn’t he have the sweetest smile?  GO REED GO

43 days to go

Until I’m in Atlanta for Race Weekend. 

Okay here’s a picture from the Reed Sorenson Charity Golf Tournament at Eagle’s Landing Country Club last year.  It was a beautiful day, the course was beautiful, the club was awesome.    It was an all round fabulous day.  Larry McReynolds , Kasey Kahne, Juan Pablo, Elliott Sadler, Kelly Bires and Rutledge Wood were some of the celebrities there.  It was the perfect way to start out an awesome weekend.  To top it off I got to spend some time with a friend I hadn’t seen since high school.   SO in honor of day 43 here’s me with the #43 car that was driven by Reed Sorenson in the fall race last year. 

47 Days ’til

the annual road trip to Atlanta for Racing begins.   This year will be my 4th year and every year seems to get better.    This year I’ve got pit passes for the first time and that’s very exciting for me.   I can’t wait.  Be prepared for lots of pictures when I get home.

So when you think of Nascar you think of a lot of different places, Talladega, North Carolina, the South in general.    One of the last places to come to mind may well be Tasmania but that’s exactly where the driver of the #47 car comes from.  Marcos Ambrose is driving in his 3rd season in the Nascar Sprint series and is more than holding his own.  He’s currently 28th in points and had a great run at Sonoma finishing 6th.   It’s great to have an  international flair to Nascar.   Go Marcos:

49 Days

and I’m going to be on my way to Atlanta.   It’s almost 10 here in the Central time zone so I’ll have been on the road about 3 hours of good traveling time.  That should put me just past Montgomery on I-85.   From Pensacola to Atlanta or Atlanta  to Pensacola, is a trip I’ve made pretty much all my life.   I like the trip.   Since moving back to Florida, I love crossing the Chattahoochee and entering the Great State of Georgia.  I love that first rest area and generally stop whether I need to or not.  It’s such a feeling of coming home.   

All that being said, let me share a Nascar fact with the number49.  No driver has won driving the 49 since 1975 (maybe longer) Kenny Schrader had 6 top 10’s and has been the most successful in that time period. 

And of course we need a picture, So we’re not at Day 5 and this post has nothing to do with Casey Mears but we haven’t seen too much of him lately so here he is Casey Mears from Atlanta Motor Speedway March 2008 the year of the snow.

52 Days

and counting until I leave the sunny beaches of Florida for Atlanta to watch Nascar race under the lights. 

On July 1, 1952 the first Nascar sanctioned race outside of the United States was held at Stamford Park in Ontario, the 200 lap race was won by buddy Shurman.

Wanted to use this for Day 55 but couldn’t get it.  Michael Waltrip’s merchandise trailer at Atlanta March 2007

53 Days and counting

down the days until I head to Atlanta for my Nascar weekend. 

Apparently the number 53 car has only been driven by one driver who won in it and that was Bob Burdick in 1961.

For my pictured today, I’m going to share a picture of a very happy me at the Reed Sorenson Charity Golf  Tournament last Labor Day weekend with the fabulous group of pilots from New Orleans who did the fly over before the races. 

54 days and counting

Until I leave for the Race in Atlanta.  Lee Petty won 54 races in his career.  The number 54 car was once driven by Todd Bodine. 

My picture today has nothing to do with the number 54 but it’s kind of cool it’s from the Atlanta Race in March 2008 when it snowed on Saturday and I got sunburnt on Sunday.  It was a very fun weekend.    Check back later today for a hot and shirtless hunk.

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