49 Days

and I’m going to be on my way to Atlanta.   It’s almost 10 here in the Central time zone so I’ll have been on the road about 3 hours of good traveling time.  That should put me just past Montgomery on I-85.   From Pensacola to Atlanta or Atlanta  to Pensacola, is a trip I’ve made pretty much all my life.   I like the trip.   Since moving back to Florida, I love crossing the Chattahoochee and entering the Great State of Georgia.  I love that first rest area and generally stop whether I need to or not.  It’s such a feeling of coming home.   

All that being said, let me share a Nascar fact with the number49.  No driver has won driving the 49 since 1975 (maybe longer) Kenny Schrader had 6 top 10’s and has been the most successful in that time period. 

And of course we need a picture, So we’re not at Day 5 and this post has nothing to do with Casey Mears but we haven’t seen too much of him lately so here he is Casey Mears from Atlanta Motor Speedway March 2008 the year of the snow.

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