41 Days….. A Quickie

Okay if you’ve looked at this blog in the last two weeks you KNOW I’m going to the race in Atlanta Labor Day Weekend and now I have 41 days until I leave so I’m sharing my favorite for day 41.  Reed Sorenson when he drove the #41. 

Doesn’t he have the sweetest smile?  GO REED GO

45 days until

I’m in Atlanta for Race weekend.    I have my tickets.  I’m sitting in section 233.    Had to move a few sections from the start/finish line to get an aisle seat but I like the aisle.     I still think the thing I am most excited about is the pit pass for Sunday.    I’ll take lots of pictures to share.

So for Day 45 I give you the King and Kyle.   Richard and Kyle Petty with the #45 car that Kyle drove. 

50 days to go

Until I am on the road to Atlanta for the Labor Day Race weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway. 

What nifty fact am I going to give you for Fifty?  The 50th running of the Daytona 500.  February 17, 2008.  Won by Ryan Newman and I think I’ve got this right Ryan’s dad was his spotter that day and it was, as you can imagine, pretty emotional on the radio.   The driver near and dear to my heart Reed Sorenson started second and finished the day 5th.  Reed’s got a great record at Daytona. 

Also Reed was one of Sporting News 50 most beautiful people in Nascar last year.   So keeping in line with the 50 theme here’s Reed:

55 Days…..

(Actually 54 days and 21 hours) until I leave for Racing under the lights in Atlanta Labor Day weekend. So lets have a fun facts with the numbers and I’ll share some pictures too. The #55 car is being driven by Michael McDowell this season. Michael Waltrip drove the number 55 Napa Car for his own team previously. Of course, the Number 55 always makes me think of Sammie Hagar singing “I Can’t Drive 55” very appropriate for a NASCAR post huh?


Just How Long…

Are we going to have to wait to see Daniel Craig on the big screen again?   Dream House and Adventures of TinTin are both listed in post-production on IMDB but no release dates until 2011.  Bond 23 and Cowboys and Aliens are both listed in pre-production.   We’ve had nothing new since Defiance, which was fabulous but come on, we need more Daniel.

So while I long to see Daniel on the big screen, I’ll revist Casino Royale perhaps.

Of course it’s racing season so there will be opportunities to see Reed on the track.   Of course I am counting down the days until Labor Day Racing under the lights in Atlanta.  WOOHOO,

So I’ll enjoy my racing while waiting for Daniel to come back to the big screen.

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