51 Days to go

Before I leave to go see Nascar Racing under the lights at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

What’s special about the Number 51 in Nascar?  It’s Mark the Kid Martin’s age and it’s the number of the Car Michael Waltrip is driving (on a limited basis) this season.    Still rooting for Mark to get a Championship.  He’s in awesome shape for his age and can still drive the wheels off a stock car. 

52 Days

and counting until I leave the sunny beaches of Florida for Atlanta to watch Nascar race under the lights. 

On July 1, 1952 the first Nascar sanctioned race outside of the United States was held at Stamford Park in Ontario, the 200 lap race was won by buddy Shurman.

Wanted to use this for Day 55 but couldn’t get it.  Michael Waltrip’s merchandise trailer at Atlanta March 2007

55 Days…..

(Actually 54 days and 21 hours) until I leave for Racing under the lights in Atlanta Labor Day weekend. So lets have a fun facts with the numbers and I’ll share some pictures too. The #55 car is being driven by Michael McDowell this season. Michael Waltrip drove the number 55 Napa Car for his own team previously. Of course, the Number 55 always makes me think of Sammie Hagar singing “I Can’t Drive 55” very appropriate for a NASCAR post huh?


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