Relay for Life – Why I Relay, How You Can Help

I Relay for all the things Relay for Life stands for to Celebrate, to Remember and to Fight Back.

I Celebrate the victories. For the Survivors.  For every birthday that might not have been.  For all of the follow-up visits to the doctor that result in an all clear.  I celebrate for all of those friends and family members who have won victories big and small. 

I Relay to Remember, my mom, my aunts and uncles.  My friends.  Who fought good fights but are no longer with us. 

I Relay to Fight Back.   It’s not fair no one should have to go through what cancer does to someone.  It leaves friends and family members feeling helpless and inadequate.  We can be caregivers, we can be prayer warriors but really what can we do?  We can fight back through Relay we can make a difference.

This blog has averaged 774 visitors a day for the past week.  If everyone who visted this blog would give just $2.oo.  I could raise $1,500.00 to help Fight back, To Celebrate and To Remember. 

Here’s the link to my Relay Page.

Please consider making a donation:  To Celebrate a victory.  To Remember a loved one,  To Fight Back. 


Why Pink?

It’s October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I have been trying to do my part to spread the word.  Early Detection saves lives.   I feel very passionate about this cause.  You may ask why?  I actually had to ponder that myself.  My mother had brain cancer when she died.  It started in her lung.  I’ve lost friends and family members to all sorts of cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer, skin cancer you name it and someone I know has been touched by it so why Pink and Breast cancer? 

The first person I was close to who had breast cancer was my Aunt Edith.  She was more than my Aunt she was my MawMaw.  Both my grandmothers and step-grandmothers died before I was born so my Aunt Edith was the closest thing I had.  She was a woman of faith.  She trusted and believed in God and I know she is with him today.   She was a breast cancer survivor she went through a radical mastectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy she went for her five year check up and they found the lung cancer that eventually took her life.  I believe it was my Aunt’s strength and courage in dealing with breast cancer that was deeply engrained in psyche that Pink became my cause.  My current pink silicone bracelet says Faith Hope Courage.  That’s what Pink means to me.  Breast Cancer touches so many lives.  It can be cured.  I can’t say it often enough, early detection saves lives.  We can do something we can fight back.   In the words of Relay for Life, we can celebrate, remember and fight back.   So yes it’s Pink for me.  I will preach annual mammograms as long as I have breath, but all cancer is the enemy.  For my Aunts, my mother, for my uncles, for my friends, I wear pink, I think pink, I celebrate my survivor friends – my heros – I remember those who are no longer with us and I will fight like a girl, in pink and proud. 

Relay for Life 2010

Last night 35 registered teams 638 pre-registered participants (along with other friends, families and supporters) gathered together at Tate High School to Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back.     The event ended very early due to bad weather but, we Celebrated our Survivors with a Survivor lap.   Cheering on the Survivors as they take the first lap around the track is an awesome experience.   It’s a little bittersweet as you think of all they have endured and those you wish could be walking that lap too come to mind, but seeing the victory is truly sweet.    We did have time to Remember the luminaria may have not been lit but we saw the names of those being Remembered, we shared the stories of those dear people we had lost.  And boy oh boy did we fight back.   Funds were raised.  We fought the elements.   Our clothes and stuff may have been dampened but our spirit and determination were not.    We will continue to raise funds and look forward to Relaying next year.  Relay for Life is an overnight event because Cancer never sleeps.   Cancer also doesn’t stop for rain and neither will our efforts.   We already have a plan to begin fundraising for Relay 2011 using the leftover food and goodies from last night.   To all my St. Luke Relay Family,  I love you all, God has blessed us more than I can tell you and each of you is very special to me and Wesley.

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