Totally Hot, Totally Shirtless – Christopher Meloni

I have a thing for fictional cops.  Lucas Davenport is one of my favorite cops in books.  Third Watch, NCIS, Hill Street Blues, Law and Order, I love them all.  I guess i want the hero to truly be a hero.  So Law &  Order in its Special Victims Unit incarnation has been one of my favorites for a long time and largely because of Detective Elliott Stabler.  The man is just hot.  I never saw Oz but I heard he spent a lot of time undressed or in various stages of undress.  The internet is a good place to find these things.  So here are a few choice pictures of Christopher Meloni, a/k/a Elliott Stabler totally hot and totally shirtless.

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Totally Hot, Totally Shirtless – Tom Hardy

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of Chris Pine, Hot and Shirtless, so today I bring you his This Means War co-star Tom Hardy. Tom is smoking hot and a sight to behold shirtless. Going to try and find time to watch Warrior this weekend. Apparently i missed a lot. So here he is in his shirtless glory. Again I threw in shirted picture to show that shirt on or shirt off Tom is HOT.

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Totally Hot, Totally Shirtless – Ryan Reynolds

Ryan could have probably qualified for Loved Him Then, Love Him Now too.  I’ve liked him since way back when he was in Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place.  He seems to be in a ton of stuff lately and I found some awesome pictures that totally fit this category.  So without further ado, I give you Ryan Reynolds

Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – Totally Shirtless

Okay  I  am totally (I like that  word)  running  behind so we have  a  combo post.   Loved Him Then, Love  Him Now,  Totally  Shirtless  Brad  Pitt.

From  Thelma  and  Louise

To  Fight  Club


To  Troy

 Brad has continued  to take his shirt off and has  continued to charm  us.   I  know  not every one   is a fan  but  I think  he’s  incredibly  versatile and  has  incredible comedic  skills.   So  I loved  him  then, love him now  and he’s   totally hot  and  totally shirtless  Brad  Pitt.

Keep Watching…..

for a very special Shirtless Saturday tomorrow.    I promise to bring not just one but multiple men who are totally hot and totally shirtless.

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