Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – Charlie Sheen

Let me start with my disclaimer, I know Charlie has been in and out of trouble and this post is not in any way condoning domestic violence or any of Charlie’s other issues.    It’s about loving him as an actor from back in the 80’s and still today.   The man has demons, but he’s awfully cute and makes me laugh out loud in Two & A Half Men.  So here he is Charlie Sheen:

From the early days when I first became intrigued in Red Dawn:

He was hot as Patrick Swayze’s little brother in this teen classic.  Charlie grew up and went to war again, this time in Vietnam in Platoon.    Doesn’t he look like his dad?

He went on to do some other serious stuff.  Wall Street he lost the uniforms and put on a suit and was hot in a whole new way:

After critical acclaim for Platoon and Wall Street, Charlie found his calling in comedy, Hot Shots,  Scary Movie, he  came to Spin City when Micheal J. Fox left and now has received mulitple nominations for his role as Charlie Harper on Two and A Half Men. 

From the time he broke on the scene in Red Dawn to the episode of Two And A Half Men I watched last night Charlie Sheen has not ceased to entertain me.

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