Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – Jon Bon Jovi

Okay I’m still counting down the days until my trip (35 days 9 hours and 56 minutes as I begin this post until I leave work and begin my journey) but I’ve gotten a little off track with other things.   I was really glad to give some really good Daniel news the other day but let’s get back on my normal (or as normal as it gets) path.   Guys who I loved back in day and still make my heart skip a beat today. 

I’ve had lots of actors so lets have another rocker.  It was Bret Micheals who made me start this line of posts so here’s another Jon Bon Jovi.   Loved him back in the 80’s missed a chance to see him back in ’85 because I had a fight with my boyfriend.  How stupid was that I should have gone without him, probably would have had more fun anyway.  So here he is Jon Bon Jovi in 1985

I was telling someone just the other day, that you have to love the 80’s when even the boys had big hair. 

Ohhh what a time it was.   I don’t know about you but I still have to sing along to Living on a Prayer and Wanted Dead or Alive. 




So we flash forward to a new millenium, we’re all grown-up I have a child and a real job, and who shows up on my TV but Jon Bon Jovi as a plumber/painter on Ally McBeal it was 2002 and my son, at age 9, was appalled when I told him I wished we needed a plumber to come live with us. 





Ohhhh Ally you did Give Love a Bad Name.  

So today, Jon is still rocking and still hot.  How can a child of the 80’s not say, “I Loved him then, I love him Now.”

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