Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – John Travolta

From the days of Vinnie Barbarino in Welcome Back Kotter

We love him.   He was so dumb he was cute.  Did any of us have a clue he was out taking dancing lessons so he could promote his career and go on and do bigger and better things?  But the hair, the smile, the cleft chin, Vinnie Barbarino you had us from hello.

The dancing lessons paid off and John made us fall in love all over again in Saturday Night Fever:

Then not only did he dance he sang.  Who wouldn’t have wanted John Travolta, a/k/a Danny Zuko to be their summer love?

We even loved him in drag in Hairspray:

He’s still as handsome and charming today as he was as Vinnie.

Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – John Travolta

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    • Thanks for the Tag I’m trying to figure out how to vote for the Verstile Blogger award but I just keep finding posts from other nominees.

  1. Your headline keyword “loved him then, love him now &#8211 john travolta live, love, laugh…” font size does not fit well on my web browser, (I just want to let you know) but perhaps it’s my windows 98 system that is causing a issue otherwise that you’ve got a great blog.

    • Thanks for that info. I’ll check on that font size. I usually don’t change them from the defaults but I may have done something different. Thanks for your kind words. I’ve had fun with the blog.


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