Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – Michael J. Fox

I had someone else in mind for today’s post and chose to go with Michael instead.  My other choice was, is and probably will always be a bad boy.  Check back for him next week.  I chose Michael today because it’s his Birthday (and mine) and I did  love him back in the day as Alex P. Keaton, on Family Ties.   Yes he was an uptight ultra conservative at what 16, he was very very lovable and ohhh so cute.    I will never as long as I live hear Billy and The Beaters sing At This Moment and not think of the Family Ties episode where he chased Ellen (his future wife Tracy) to the train station to stop her from leaving to get married.  

So Michael left Family Ties to go on to one of the  best known movie triologies of all times, Back to the Future and how many of us back in the day went out and got a down vest because of that first movie?   He was still very cute and such a

good actor so here he is as  Marty McFly fom Back to the Future. 

We can’t forget other movies like Casualties of War, Teen Wolf,   The American President, and Doc Hollywood he did along the way.  He had grown up from the sweet teen we had fallen in love with to grow into a still loveable, still cute, very talented adult.  

Then I don’t know about the rest of you but I felt like we got introduced to Alex P. Keaton grown-up when Michael started on Spin City.   Smart, funny, ambitious, Mike Flaherty could have totally been Alex grown up and moved to New York City.  

Then the Parkinson’s Disease that Michael had dealt with silently for years took him from our tv screen on a regular basis.  Now he works with his foundation, he’s a political activist and he still comes back to tv to amuse and entertain us on shows like Scrubs, Boston Legal and Rescue me. 

So truly a loved him then, love him now kind of guy, Birthday boy Michael J. Fox.   Happy Birthday Michael and thanks for the memories.

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  1. great ❤

  2. this was sweet


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