Totally Hot, Totally Shirtless – DANIEL CRAIG

Okay it’s a shirtless Saturday here at Live, Love, Laugh & Blog and today I bring you one of my all-time favorites, Daniel Craig.  Believe it or not it was hard to find a variety of pictures of Daniel shirtless we have the well known often scene shot of Daniel emerging from the water in those blue swim trunks

Then there’s the picture of Daniel in the black swim trunks

One of my favorite shirtless shots of Daniel is from Casino Royale when he is tied to the chair.  OH MY

I had to make myself look through a whole lot of other pictures to find some different pictures of Daniel Shirtless so to wrap up our Shirtless Saturday two more pics of Daniel.  One from Tomb Raider and I’ m not exactly sure where the other came from, but does it really matter????


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