Musical Memories – Phil Collins

Music just takes me back. Lately it’s been Phil Collins that’s made me remember an old flame. It was 1986. There had been Live Aid the year before and Phil Collins was huge. He was one of the hottest acts going. The flame du jour and I were hanging out and I’m not sure but Phil Collins was live on the radio the whole night. He still lived with his mom and dad. I lived with my brother and sister-in-law and their two small children, so we had to find times and places to be alone together. This was one of those nights that we did. So I hear Phil Collins and I’m back there. It was one of those relationships that probably had more ups than downs but this memory is just a nice one that makes me smile and remember when.

Musical Memories – A Confession

I have to confess.  I cut.  I am guilty of what I refer to as emotional cutting.  You know those songs that leave you feeling like you’ve been punched in the stomach or kicked in the teeth.  Usually I try to avoid them.  But every once and awhile, I have to subject myself to the pain.  The first notes of those songs will start and I know how I’m going to feel but I keep listening.  My heart aches, the tears sting my eyes, I wallow in the pain.  I’ve shared a couple of those songs.  Right Here Waiting for You and One More Day there are others too, but today I am sharing the one that cuts to the bone.  It’s another song about the one that got away, the man that I thought was my soulmate.  The one that I was willing to put up with pretty much anything just to be with him.  It’s been over 20 years now since I’ve seen him and I have gone on with my life but, every once and awhile I have to listen to songs like this one and  take myself back there and feel that pain again,  When it was good it was really good.  This song pretty much sums it up. 

From the movie Buster, Phil Collins, singing Groovy Kind of Love

So John if you are out there and happen across this it was very groovy while it was good.

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