Musical Memories – Panama City Beach 1983

Okay so Facebook peeps some of you were on this trip.  Can you believe it’s been almost thirty years?  Please tell me we really aren’t that old because I don’t feel it. 

So here’s the scene HS boyfriend and I snuggling on the lounge chair next to the pool, it’s been kind of a crazy trip.  Drama with BFF because she’s acting totally out of character .  Had gotten caught in an undertow.  Too much sun.  Too many raging teenage hormones.   Had time at the Miracle Strip Amusement park where we sang with the Chorus.  Laser light show.  We were probably on sensory overload.   But the boyfriend is the constant.  He is there to console me when I cry, to calm me down when I am about to drown, to make me laugh when I needed it the most.  So that had been the type of day we had.  It’s close to time for rooms to be checked and doors to be taped but there we are by the pool and this is the song on the radio: (keep scrolling there’s another video after it)

Here’s the song from the laser light show at the Miracle Strip:

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