Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – Sean Connery

Okay so this is way way overdue but here he is.  He’s almost 80 years old and is still as my friend SFCatty says “A Beautiful Man” .   He was smoking hot as James Bond in the 60’s

Twenty years later in Highlander we were still loving him and picking him over Christopher Lambert

Right into the 21st Century and he was still hot in League of E xtraordinarie Gentlemen

Spanning 5 decades he is the ultimate Loved Him then and Love Him Now man.  Sir Sean Connery.

Bret Michaels – Back in the Hospital

Poor Bret has suffered a TIA or “Warning Stroke”.  Thank goodness he recognized the symptoms and got treatment right away.  We should all take a page from Bret’s book and keep in mind that when things don’t feel right it very well could be our body giving us a warning. 

Haven’t felt real sporty myself this week so I totally missed, Loved Him Then, Love Him Now on Wednesday, but I do have something very special planned for that topic that I promise to get posted by tomorrow.   I’ll give one little hint, with this sexy after all these years man we’ll go back further than the 80’s.  Stay tuned.

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