Musical Memories – Last Dance 1978

I really thought I had blogged this song already but apparently I didn’t so here is one of my most fond  Musical Memories.

It was the summer after 6th grade.  I was 12 I thought I knew everything and I was going off  to my first summer camp.  It was 4-H Summer camp at Camp Chatham near Savannah Georgia.  You know how you can look back at certain events in your life and know they changed your life this was one of those things.  Was it something that happened that was life changing?  No.  Was it something I learned or a life-long hobby that changed me? No.  Then what could it have been?  It was the people.  That summer I met lifelong friends.  The song  that always takes me to that place is  Last Dance by Donna Summer.

Every night they would have a dance.  I was 12 I don’t remember dancing a whole lot.  I do remember the last song they played every night was Last Dance.   That summer I met my friends, Leann, Tyrone (now Ed) and Chris.  When I started high school in the fall of 1979 they were all there.  They went to different elementary schools but we all ended up at the same high school.  There was also another boy whose name now escapes me but he was probably my first summer crush.  We drank Mello Yello together every night at the campfire (I think there was a campfire anyway) he ended up at a different high school and I didn’t see him again but those are fond memories.

So Donna Summer thanks for the memories they are very sweet and very special.


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