Jillian Chantal, Bushwackers and Surf Break

Many, many thanks to Darlene for inviting me over today to talk about Surf Break, my story based on Pensacola Beach, a place we both love. I decided to share a favorite cocktail that Pensacola is famous for (now, gramatically, I should say, “for which Pensacola is famous”, but dang, that sounds formal, doesn’t it?) Anyhow, you didn’t come  here for an English lesson, did you? Heck no, bring on the drink recipe, Jillian, you evil soul, you.

Okay, okay – here’s the recipe- This is the standard recipe for a Bushwacker but I kind of like adding some Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum (doesn’t hurt that the Captain in the commercials is a hottie) and maybe a banana (for the nutritional value,of course).


2 0z Coffee Liqueur

1 oz dark rum

1 oz Creme de Cacao

4 ozs half and half

4 oz coconut cream

Vanilla ice cream (3-6 ozs depending on how strong you want it)

Pour all into a blender. Add two cups of ice and blend til mixed. Serve in tall glass.

And there you go, a Bushwacker. Watch out, they sneak up on you since you think you’re drinking a milkshake.

My hero in this story, Pete, is a cop who tells the heroine he’s going to work security at a Bushwacker Festival being held at club on the beach. I couldn’t very well write a Pensacola Beach story without a Bushwacker, could I? After all, I could be hauled out of town on a stick for that.

I hope you enjoy your Bushwacker and maybe curl up with my lil ole story while you drink it.

Blurb: Her past life as a professional surfer comes back to the fore when Juliette Mackey spends her summer break surfing the Gulf of Mexico. She left the pro-circuit when her former husband broke her heart. Returning to her beach roots, she signs on to work part time at a local burger joint to have the funds to rent a cottage on the shore. While working there, she meets a local cop named Pete Schwartz who is determined to let the world know about her surfing skills and force the younger crowd to acknowledge her gifts.

Attracted to Pete but wary of risking her heart again, Juliette resists Pete’s advances and wants no part of his plans to have her display her surf skills. It’s a battle of wills that Pete is determined to win. More importantly, he’s on a mission to break the wall Juliette has built around her heart.

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  1. Thanks for hosting me today, Darlene. I hope your readers try a bushwacker some time. They won’t be disappointed will they?

    • It’s always a pleasure having you here. I think everyone should have at least one bushwacker enjoyment is guaranteed. Perhaps now that tourist season is over a trip to the beach is in order.

  2. Nothing like a bushwacker and a good book! Surf Break sounds awesome!

    • There is nothing like a buswacker Sandy. Thanks for visiting. Surf Break is another fun story by Jillian.

  3. I want one…a Bushwacker, that is. Already have Surf Break in my TBR pile. lol That drink sounds like it would transport me to a tropical isle. Hmmm. Several of them, and I bet they WOULD. lol

    • Laurie, when you drink a Bushwacker here on Pensacola Beach you don’t want to be anywhere else. Come visit. We’ll have one together. Thanks for dropping in today.

  4. Amen, Sandy. Thanks re: Surf Break!

  5. Laurie- you would love, love a bushwacker. I had a friend visiting from New Jersey once and I thought he was going to OD on them. They are soo good and refreshing and they sneak up on you and BAM!

    Thanks as always for your support.

  6. I’ll have a sip of that now!


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