Jillian Chantal Shares Surf Break

Hey readers my friend and favorite author has dropped by to tell us about her new release Surf Break.   Jillian loves to hear from readers and writers so leave a comment, ask a question , or just say hi.  Welcome Jillian.

Thanks for having me here today, Darlene. I appreciate the invite to come by and yak about my new release. This one is a short story called Surf Break.  I was inspired to write it by my favorite burger joint on the beach in my hometown. It’s an awesome place to eat- good food and shirts and shoes are NOT required. Most of the diners are surfers and locals. We flop in there in our naked feet or in flip flops. Bathing suits are almost required although they won’t turn you away if you have on a three-piece suit. They may look at you askance, but they’ll let you eat.

Anyway, the story centers on Juliette who used to be a professional surfer but gave up the lifestyle when she got a divorce. She became a literature professor at the local college.  After several years living in town, she decides to return to the beach for the summer. To help defray the cost of having a rental cottage on the beach, she takes a job at a burger joint.

One of the customers, Pete, happens to be a hot cop who wears khaki shorts and polo shirts to work. After all, it is warm on the beach, right? Can he help it if he looks so sexy in those shorts?

Juliette can’t keep her eyes off him but having been burned by her former husband, she keeps her distance until the day Pete rescues her from an intruder in her home. Then all bets are off.

Thanks again to my hostess, Darlene, for letting me pop in.

Blurb: Her past life as a professional surfer comes back to the fore when Juliette Mackey spends her summer break surfing the Gulf of Mexico. She left the pro-circuit when her former husband broke her heart. Returning to her beach roots, she signs on to work part time at a local burger joint to have the funds to rent a cottage on the shore. While working there, she meets a local cop named Pete Schwartz who is determined to let the world know about her surfing skills and force the younger crowd to acknowledge her gifts.

Attracted to Pete but wary of risking her heart again, Juliette resists Pete’s advances and wants no part of his plans to have her display her surf skills. It’s a battle of wills that Pete is determined to win. More importantly, he’s on a mission to break the wall Juliette has built around her heart.

Book Trailer:  Click here to see the Surf Break book trailer.

Buy link: Click Here to get your copy of Surf Break

Find me on the web: www.jillianchantal.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JillianChantal

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/jillian.chantal

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  1. Thanks for letting me hang out bare-footed at your place today! Surf’s up!

  2. Love the cover and the trailer! I must try this burger joint you speak so highly of.
    Congratulations with the new release.

  3. Yes Suzanne. When you come over when it’s not crazy summer, we will go.

  4. Looks like another winner!! Love the trailer! And I’m in for lunch! Nothing like a burger on the beach!

  5. I already liked the cover, but after reading the blurb, that cover seems perfect for the story. Is it out yet? I’m clicking on the link next to see. And Darlene? Your banner pic is lovely. I really like it.

    • Laurie thanks for coming by and I’m glad you like the banner pic don’t say it too loud though because I’m probably violating some sort of copyright law. Surf Break is available now BTW

    • Thanks Laurie! The cover is spot on. I love the way the artist caught my vision of the story.

  6. Congrats on the newest release! I love that cover 🙂


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