Totally Hot, Totally Shirtless – The Magic Mike Edition

You had to know it was coming.  It recently occurred to me why this movie intrigues me so much, well besides the obvious.  Back in the mid to late 80’s there was a club here in Pensacola called 2001.  It was the hot, happening spot and every Thursday night, they had… you guessed it, male strippers.  It was just great fun.  From the snippets I’ve seen in the Magic Mike trailers it looks like that time recaptured.  So here for your viewing pleasure, the men of Magic Mike, Totally Hot and Totally Shirtless


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And it case you haven’t seen a trailer yet…..Watch it and tell me ladies are you a lawbreaker???

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  1. 2001 was my hang out in the late 70s my dear, so it was here before you even knew it. LOL. Looks like a good flick!

    • Thanks for visiting. It does look like a fun movie. I have tickets for the midnight show next Thursday. May be dragging Friday morning.


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