Alphabet Challenge – OH MY

So there’s this game going around where you are given a letter and you have to share a blog post including ten things that begin with that letter that you love.  My letter is O.  So let’s see what we can do.

1 – Olives  and the olive salad that goes on muffalettas.  Yum.

2 – Olivia  – My great-niece.  She is  the middle child of 5 and an amazing young lady very bright and very sweet.

3 – Oklahoma where the wind goes sweeping down the plain.  The song for this O.

4 – Orange slices.   The candy.  They were one of my mom’s favorites.  They always remind me of her now and that makes me happy.

5 – October – I love the fall.  It’s such a great time of year for sports.  World Series, Football and Basketball are going on Nascar is winding down and the weather is cool and crisp and there’s Halloween.

6 – Open Arms by Journey it was one of my Prom themes and it takes me back to the day when I was young and in love idealistic and hopeful.

7 – Oceans  Okay so I’ve only seen one.  The Atlantic but I like it.

8 – Online from the days of my very very slow dial up modem I have loved to be online.

9 – Oatmeal – It’s such a good breakfast, it’s healthy and filing and tasty.

10 – Oshikuru – One of our favorite episodes of 2 and a Half Men is when Charlie has to write the theme song for a kid’s show about a demon samurai his nephew Jake enlightens him they work hard on a revised song and Charlie being Charlie sells out.  So for your viewing pleasure here is one of my favorite O. Oshikuru

Want to play along leave me a comment telling me you want to play and I’ll give you a letter.

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