Relay for Life – Why I Relay, How You Can Help

I Relay for all the things Relay for Life stands for to Celebrate, to Remember and to Fight Back.

I Celebrate the victories. For the Survivors.  For every birthday that might not have been.  For all of the follow-up visits to the doctor that result in an all clear.  I celebrate for all of those friends and family members who have won victories big and small. 

I Relay to Remember, my mom, my aunts and uncles.  My friends.  Who fought good fights but are no longer with us. 

I Relay to Fight Back.   It’s not fair no one should have to go through what cancer does to someone.  It leaves friends and family members feeling helpless and inadequate.  We can be caregivers, we can be prayer warriors but really what can we do?  We can fight back through Relay we can make a difference.

This blog has averaged 774 visitors a day for the past week.  If everyone who visted this blog would give just $2.oo.  I could raise $1,500.00 to help Fight back, To Celebrate and To Remember. 

Here’s the link to my Relay Page.

Please consider making a donation:  To Celebrate a victory.  To Remember a loved one,  To Fight Back. 


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  1. LeAnn

     /  April 12, 2011

    I love you for doing this so faithfully every year. I’m proud of your walking and can’t wait until I can join you (safely) in a Relay…maybe next year! Cancer has taken too many of our family and friends. Thanks for fighting back Darlene!!

    • Love you right back. You know Marianne is a big part of my Relay this year. She was an amazing woman. Your Mom is one of my celebrations I love her dearly and she is incredible. Thanks for your support. MUCH MUCH LOVE

  2. Thanks for sharing my post.

    Hope you’ll visit again.

  1. On The Live Love Laugh

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