Loved Him Then, Loved Him Now – Keanu Reeves

It was 1989 and Bill and Ted took us on a most excellent adventure and more importantly gave us a great introduction to Keanu Reeves. 

  He was so cute and so funny how could you not love him?

Next came Parenthood where he played a very similar very cute part.  The crazy reckless anti-hero, 

Ted apparently did graduate and Keanu moved on to more mature parts.   And we got to meet Johnny Utah in Point Break surfing with Patrick Swayze and his cohorts

Keanu was growing up nicely.  The action role really suited him he went on to do Speed and the Matrix Trilogy.

But there was that romantic part in A Walk in The Clouds.  A wonderful sweet and just plain beautiful movie  watch it if you get a chance. 

The Devil’s Advocate is also a favorite, then as a football player in The Replacements Keanu was not to be typecast. 

With Sweet November and The Lake House Keanu secured his place as a romantic lead in chick flicks.

Here’s a pic from The Lake House which I love even though it makes me sob.

Keanu has shown great diversity and I’ve loved him in so many different roles and types of roles I think I Could be posting this again in another ten years and have a plethora of new roles to share.  Loved him then now and always.

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