Musical Memories – Alibis

Okay so you are probably thinking you are going to read about lying and cheating and Alibis.  Nope.  This song evokes sweet, sweet memories.   This song was out when my Wesley was just a baby.  It was recorded on a cassette tape that I would play while I rocked Wesley late at night.  Wesley as a baby was much like Wesley now (he was a maniac as a toddler and small child but the baby years and from middle school up a pretty awesome kid) he was very laid back and easy going.  I had worked at a restaurant before I had Wes so those friends worked late and would come by after work.  I would wake Wesley up he would play and visit and go back to sleep.   He was a joy.   I liked those late night rocking spells so even though he was sleeping I’d get up and rock him and listen to music.  This is one of the songs that makes me think of those days.  So go with me to that rocking chair, my sweet baby boy in my arms rocking and singing to him.  Good times.  Good times. 

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  1. LeAnn

     /  March 8, 2011

    He was such a sweet cuddly baby! I loved him then (at first sight!) and I love him now. Wesley’s brought such joy to so many lives. What a sweet memory Darlene, thanks.


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