Musical Memories – Hey Mickey

Flashback to 1982 – I’m a junior in High School.  Life is good.  I’m dating a cute boy from M.D. Collins High School.   Two things this song brings back very specificially and very clearly.   First we had a video Journalism class at school,  Let’s set the scene a little here.  This was 1982 every school didn’t have it’s own state of the art video production studio  to produce a morning news show and broadcast to the whole school.  We had giant, heavy, awkward video cameras.   One piece I worked on for our news show involved things kids did at the mall.  Which included going to the “Record Bar”.  Records, vinyl, turntables.  Yes it was a different time.  45’s, singles, for $.99 life was good.  So my job was to interview the manager of the Record Bar who said they were selling “literally hundreds of copies” of Mickey a day.  I know I bought my single there. 

The other memory which brings us back to the cute boy referenced above, was the MTV rock hop.   It was one of those after the football game dances and the local cable company came out and put up a huge screen in the cafeteria of Campbell High School (Fairburn, Georgia) and played videos.   Once again you have to realize that this was a different time.  MTV was  brand new and for those of you who didn’t see it back  then they played music.   There was no Real World or Road Rules or Jersey Shore it was music videos and it was exciting and new.   It was so cool and so much fun.  It’s just one of those things I’ll never forget.  When I hear the song Hey Mickey this is where I go.  I’m back in the cafeteria at Campbell High School with the very cute, very sweet Kevin from M.D. Collns dancing and singing along and it makes me so very happy.

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  1. LeAnn

     /  March 4, 2011

    I fondly remember the entire scene and even can tell you which cute dress I wore; it was from Macy’s~ spaghetti straps, polka dots in black and white taffeta, short skirt with crinolin underskirt that made it poof out. Many of my memories are musical and “fashionista” connections in my 45 year old long-term storage system.

    I “go there” myself everytime I hear that song and sing along, “Oh Mickey, you’re so fine…you’re so fine it blows my mind, Hey Mickey!”

    • It was a fabulous time. I’m sure there will be a post soon that includes leaving bottles on your back porch or front yard and another Kevin. If I could talk to his mom today I think I would apologize because I wouldn’t let my son ride with teenage me either =)


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