Charlie Sheen

Maybe it’s premature to mourn Charlie Sheen but perhaps it’s just the mourning his career I’m not so sure he can come back from this latest stuff.  He just seems to be too far gone this time.  I hope I’m wrong.  I do so enjoy his acting.  He has a true knack for comedy.  He has been a joy to watch in Two and a Half Men clearly though the womanizing hard partying character he plays has not been a stretch for him at all.  He had big shoes to fill when he joined the cast of Spin City after Michael J. Fox had to leave and he handled it well and sustained the show much longer than anyone expected.   He was brilliant in Platoon and Wall Street.  You had to love him in Young Guns and Major League.   So with his very diverse and admirable body of work it would be a shame to see his career come to an end too soon.   So here’s hoping the mourning of a career cut short is premature.  Good Luck Charlie.  

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