Musical Memory – Right Here Waiting

Once upon a time, I had a boyfriend in the Navy.   We met when he was stationed here in Florida but it was the Navy so they sent him to serve on a ship.   A ship on the other side of the world.   He went to the USS Midway in Japan.   He wouldn’t be able to come home for leave for a weekend.   I moved back to Georgia and he was in Japan.   We were “oceans apart day after day” it was  an insane time for me.   I did wait.   I remember one point I was going through an especially difficult time and he called.  Just when I needed him the most.   It was incredible we were a world apart but he always managed to come through with a card, a present, a phone call something.  When he was able to come home for a visit I had rented a beach house and had yellow ribbons all over the house and one little tree out front.  It was a wondeful time.   

This is the guy that I thought was the “One”.   I did wait much longer than I should have.  Maybe a part of me still waits.  Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t sat home alone waiting for him to come back.  I’ve lived my life.  I’ve had a child, I got an Associates degree, I lost my mother, I’ve worked at the same job for almost 15 years, I’ve lived, I’ve loved I’ve laughed, but yes a part has waited and hoped that someday he’d come back. 

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