Hanging with Mr. Cooper

It’s a long weekend.  I have the day off tomorrow.  My son has gone camping so I am home alone.  I come home and flip through the channels first I find an NCIS marathon.  I love Gibbs and DiNozzo but I keep looking and what do I find on the HBO and Cinemax Channels?  Not one, not two but three movies with none other than Bradley Cooper.  Ohhhh My life doesn’t get much  better than this.  At the moment I’m watching, He’s Just Not That In To You.  Yes Bradley is smoking hot but let’s face it, he’s not the nicest guy

    Look at him if he talked to you in the grocery store wouldn’t you be tempted?

Valentine’s Day I would have loved to have seen

much more of him in this movie

but I’ll take Bradley where I can get him

Last but not least Yes Man

I am not a huge Jim Carrey fan but like I said I’ll take Bradley Cooper where I can get him and even when he’s playing a character I just don’t like (see He’s Just not That Into You) 


So the plan for the evening is watching Bradley Cooper romance writing and maybe a glass of wine.  Life is good when you’re hanging with Mr. Cooper


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