Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – The Royal Pains Edition

Don’t know if you have been watching Royal Pains or not but I love it.  I think part of the reason I love it is that it includes some actors I have loved for more years than I should probably admit. 

One of my very first crushes (just after Donny Osmond that is) was on Fonzie from Happy Days.  I was 8 when the show first started, (if you really want to know how old I am go to IMDB and do the math lol).    The Fonz’s universal appeal to women worked even through the tv screen.   From that point forward I was always glad to find Henry Winkler on a screen, the principal in Scream, a crazy lawyer on Third Watch,  so imagine my pleasure when he showed up on Royal Pains.  Here he is Henry Winkler then and now:







Next is Campbell Scott, who didn’t love him in Dying Young and my hasn’t he grown up well. 








Last but not least, loved him in the 80’s here he is from Pretty in Pink and Now in Royal Pains Andrew McCarthy:

So who will show up next??? Can’t wait to see.

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