18 Days

Until I leave the sunny shores of Florida and head to my hometown Atlanta to spend the weekend immersed in Nascar.   Reed Sorenson Charity Golf Tournament Friday morning,  festivities at the Track Friday night, Saturday ohhhh my volunteering with Speedway Children’s Charities, Qualifying (Nationwide and Cup) Nationwide Race.   Sunday, Sunday, Sunday… Track Walk, getting to visit the pits (have I told you all I HAVE A PIT PASS and I’m so excited I can’t stand it) and then the big event Sprint Cup Racing under the lights.   Then Monday morning breakfast at the track on Bruton Smith.   So with 18 days to go I must post a picture of Kyle Busch and tell you my personal tale of Kyle.   I hated Kyle Busch.  Hated, despised, deplored, booed him at the track, wished him to crash (not get hurt just wreck the car).    I did not like him here or there I didn’t not like him anywhere.  But knowing it was wrong to hate someone sooooo much I prayed that God would help me not hate Kyle Busch and it worked.   I’d still be hard pressed to say I’m a fan but I don’t cringe everytime I see him or hear his name.  I actually hope he wins a race now and then and was glad to see him win the Nationwide Championship last year.  Love him or hate him you’ve got to admit the boy will flat sure drive the wheels off a car to win a race and as I am fond of saying to my son, not only would he (and he has) put his brother into the wall he’d put his own mama in to the wall to win a race.   So here’s a picture of Kyle at Atlanta Motor Speedway the year of the Snow, 2008. 

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  1. You did not like him in a boat, you did not like him on a float. I kept waiting for Sam to show up with a plate of eggs and ham-

    • As a kid I could recite the whole book. Actually probably into adulthood. There is actually a breakfast planned at the Track for Monday morning. Maybe they will have eggs and ham. =)


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