Daniel Craig buys Penthouse in NYC

Okay so there just isn’t much to blog about Daniel.   He and Satsuki bought a penthouse on Warren Street in New York City.    Does it mean he’s going to do more Broadway?   Will they make it home?  I feel certain it means he’ll be spending more time in New York and that can’t be a bad thing.  I just want him back on the big screen.  Until then, I’ll keep watching what we have already.  Forced myself to watch Lara Croft last night to see him.  There were definitely some “Oh my” scenes.  

So until Cowboys and Aliens comes out I guess we’ll just have to do with Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Daniel’s older stuff.  I may even suffer through the Golden Compass again.

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  1. A particular of my favorite factors about blogging is this community of bloggers. We aren’t cut-throat. We share successes and miseries. And when a little something operates, we do not hold it to ourselves – we want it to operate for anyone. I really like blogging and hope that it becomes full-time one day, but I take pleasure in the understanding and growing (the journey) and am an exceedingly patient man.


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