Loved Him Then, Love Him Now – Brendan Fraser

From the days when he was so hot he melted pre-historic ice in Encino Man

Through some comic book characters, George of the Jungle, Dudley Do-Right, a charming role in Mrs. Winterbourne, and looking totally hot in a baseball uniform in The Scout, Brendan shot to superstardom in The Mummy.

As we’ve grown-up so has Brendan.  He’s now starring with Harrison Ford in Extraordinary Measures

Here you have it our Loved Him Then, Loved Him Now, man of the week.  Brendan Frasers from the 80’s to today he’s given us something to love at every age.

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  1. I remember when encino man came out into theaters, i went with a friend of mine and we laughed our asses off. Now that it is,and i hate to say this, Twenty years later he still somehow manages to make me laugh at his comidies and keep my interested in his dramas.

  2. Rochelle, I’m right there with you. I actually watched Encino Man just before posting it (my inspiration) and still laughed between Brendan and Pauly Shore it was a funny movie. My interest is still piqued whenever I see his name. Thanks for visiting.


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