Bad News for Bond

Filming of Bond 23  has been postponed, indefinitely.  I’ve already bemoaned the fact that we won’t be seeing Daniel on the big screen until next year and now no Bond indefinitely.   Surely MGM will come up with the money to make it happen.   I love to see Daniel in other roles too but I was so looking forward to seeing where they would take him in Bond 23.    Maybe something will come through and in the meantime I’ll wait for Cowboys &  Aliens.

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  1. I don’t know if you had read this on my blog, or saw it some other way. Either way, I feel for you. While Solace was horrible, Craig was still good.

    If it doesn’t come to theaters until 2013 (which looks likely), Craig may not be attached anymore. Mendes certainly isn’t as director.

    • I was disappointed with Solace, but Daniel as Bond is a good thing. It’s unfortunate that his run may end so quickly. I was actually looking forward to Mendes directing too. C’est la vie.


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