So I actually opened the word processor on the laptop. Hadn’t touched my Nano Project since January, sad. It’s finished it just needs editing. So I went through the first three chapters again. Made some corrections and some additions. Then I sent it off to my fabulous friend who is my beta reader/editor. She reads all the time, so she has a sense of what is good and what isn’t if she will just try not to spare my feelings and be honest about my work she’s a great person to read for me. She’s also a self-proclaimed grammar Nazi.

Besides finally getting back on track with my writing/editing, life has thrown me another curve. My car is in the shop. Having major brake issues and I am carless for now. Just when things seem to be getting better something else happens. But this too shall pass. Of course I have no room to complain things could be much worse. Thinking of people facing great adversity made me think of the movie Defiance. Talk about adversity it’s amazing what those people did. If you haven’t seen Defiance with Daniel Craig and Liev Schrieber, you must. It is hard to watch in some places but it is an amazing story of courage and perseverance in the face of great adversity. Here’s a picture of Daniel and Liev from the movie.

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