Okay so now I am tweeting. For those of you who have looked at this blog with any regularity, you know I don’t update it very much so I am certain Tweeting will be the same way. If it’s something big I’ll share, if it’s not I won’t. I won’t be tweeting from the car to let the world know I’m driving to work.

Thanks to everyone who has read my story at the New Bedlam site.

Have a few things to do before moving on to our new home to (insert dramatic music here) the dreaded unpacking.

Finally, I must say that the most important thing I am doing this Good Friday is remembering the sacrafice that was made for us on the first Good Friday so many years ago. As the mother of an only son, I can’t imagine loving so much that I would be willing to sacrafice him. Our GOD is an awesome GOD.

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