Character Attraction

I found it interesting when I noted that I apparently am attracted to Characters in books and on screen (TV and movies) that are law enforcement/detective types.  I look at my bookshelf and I find the Alex Cross series by James Patterson and the Lucas Davenport Prey series by John Sandford.   I got a DVD set of the first season of NCIS for Christmas and have already watched all 23 episodes.  I love Law & Order in every incarnation Chris Noth and Christopher Meloni are two of my all-time favorites.    And of course therer is Bond and Daniel Craig in Defiance.    Tom Selleck as Magnum PI back in the day.  These guys are all rescuers.  I don’t know why I am drawn to them when I have never felt like a damsel in distress in need of rescuing.   So do any you have a type of character you are drawn to in book or on screen?  Does it carry over to the men you are attracted to in real life?

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