The Language and Letters of Writing

I never dreamed there would be so many acronyms to learn when I started writing.  I just thought I’d sit down at a computer and write my stories about the people in my head,  Then I start looking at Blogs and forums and it’s like people are speaking a whole different language.  WIP?  Figured out work in progress pretty quickly.  POV – my first thought was “privately operated vehicle” as in “NO POVs BEYOND THIS POINT”.  MS is no longer a disease but a manuscript.  Lower case h for heroine and Upper case for Hero? Who’d have thunk it?  Now Pantsing doesn’t have anything to do with dropping someone’s pants but writing by the seat of one’s pants rather than being a plotter.  Character sketches are word pictures not drawings.  Subs are neither sandwiches nor substitute teachers but Submissions.  Some are easy some are not.  Is there a guide to the acronyms and terms out there that I have missed so far?  All the translating aside I am loving being part of the writing community.  Everyone has been helpful and kind.  I feel like I am among kindred spirits.  Going to close for now because my h/H in my WIP need some work on their POVs so I can try and finish a  MS as I just pants right through this journey of writing.  So I’ve got to get my BIC HOK so my h/H can get to their HEA.

Good Night and Good Writing.

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  1. Yep. I understood all this. Yipes!


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